FireWall App



In the online store, the store owner does not want to show his online store in the specific country or for specific IP addresses, or for social media redirections. We are introducing **FireWall** App. Our app blocks or redirect the unwanted countries, IP range, device or UTM source, disable mouse events like right-clicking on text, image, link or input box, drag & drop event, key pressing and more.

Using FireWall you may:

  • Completely lock down your entire site in one click;
  • Limit access to certain Products, Collections, Pages, Articles, Blogs;
  • Limit access based on customer location (GeoIP based locks);
  • Redirect customers to the custom page;
  • Redirect visitor to his domestic country's  store;
  • You can lock or unlock the users by creating IP range;
  • Customize Lockdown Screen;
  • Right Click Disable service;
  • Disable Drag and Drop feature;
  • Disable Text Selection feature;
  • Disable KeyPress feature;
  • Password Protection on the blocked page.


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